Vaulted Mycenaean Tomb (Tzanata)


In 1992 at the Broutzi area of Tzanata another finding of the Mycenaean civilization was unearthed, by archaeologist Lazaros Kolonas, confirming once again how the island flourished during this period. It is a well-preserved tomb which is unique of its kind in western Greece, because of its good position and size (height of 3.95 m and a diameter of 6.80 m). The surface is 250 square meters.

The tomb is built on an older tomb oriented from south to north. During the Venetian occupation, the tomb was used as accommodation, therefore the dome collapsed. According to the precious discoveries of gold, it is alleged to be a grave of the rich rulers of that time.

The findings that came to light are gold jewelry, gems, pottery and many more, all of which are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli.



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