Kefalonia belongs to the Ionian Islands, located in the Ionian Sea. It is the largest and most mountainous island in the Ionian Sea, with an area 781klm2 and population approximately 34488 residents. The highest peak of the island is Megas Soros (Big Pile) height 1628 meters and belongs to mountain Ainos, with the National Forest on its …

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According to Greek mythology, Kefalonia was named after the King Kefalos, although there have been occasionally other theories regarding the origin of the name. When the Kings of the Mycenaean Kefalonia claimed the kingdom of Mycenae, Kefalos was one of the two heroes who accompanied Amphitryon on the Mycenaen expedition against Kefalonia. Kefalonia was first …

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The first references of Kefalonias history exist from the period of the Persian Wars, where we find Kefalonians participating in the battle of Plataea. In 434 BC Kefalonian ships took part in the battle against the Corinthians in Corfu, repelling successfully against the vindictive attitude of the Corinthians. In the Peloponissian War all four cities of Kefalonia …

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