Cave Drakena


Southeast of the island of Kefalonia, at the orge of Poros and at a height of 70 meters lies the Cave Drakena. It covers an area of around 90 square meters.
The Ephorate for Paleoanthropology and Spelaeology of southern Greece made excavations from 1992 to 2005 in order to date the age of the cave. According to them, the cave exists from the late Neolithic Age to the Bronze Age.

After years of leaving the cave took life from the late 7th to the 20th century BC as the Sanctuary of the Nymphs and the god Pana; During the modern era as well as other caves so it was used as a corral. The cave excavators revealed a rare finding for Greek standards. A carbonized thread with a length of a millimeter. The age of the filament was estimated at 7000 years which leads us to the conclusion that the Neolithic people could spin and weave. They also found seeds, bones and various food residue.



Drakaina Cave