Philharmonic School Lixouri



During the period of 1834 to 1839 the Philharmonic School of Pallis was established by Peter I. Skarlatos in Lixouri. The foundation of the school was the impetus to create similar schools in the Ionian Islands who had the purpose of cultural development during the British rule.

From the 19th century and until today, with the work of two centuries, the school educates young people who like music. The school is housed in the Nursing Home of Lixouri and continues its work, without being intimidated by major historical events, such as wars in Europe in the 20th century or civil war, nor catastrophic events like earthquakes of 1953.

On December 30 1982, the Philharmonic School of Lixouri and later of Pallis was awarded by the Athens Academy for the important work he has done so many years in the Greek intellectual world.