Mazarakata Tombs

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Five kilometers outside Argostoli and towards Pessada, you come across the Mazarakata Tombs, found in the early 20th century. This is the largest cemetery of the Mycenaean period the ruins of the Mycenaean era, witness to the culture that flourished in this region.

The cemetery, which was found intact, is of great importance. Many reports were held in the books of Homer about Kefalonian cemeteries, and after what came to light, they seem rather confirmed.

The cemetery was found in 1813 by Colonel De Bosset. Many excavation activities took place in 1908 and 1909 by Kavadias, who along with Colonel De Bosset investigated 16 vaulted graves and 83 burials. Beneath the tombs and caves were roads through which they transfered the dead. The shapes (square, trapezoid, elliptical) and size (small, large) of the chambers vary.



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