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The Fish Spa in Fiskardo of Kefalonia, is a modern and totally relaxing space. The experienced staff will initiate you into the secrets of Fish Spa and will offer you an incredibly soft and revived skin.

• Fish Spa It is a method of exemption of skin from the dead cells known since the ancient times. This method uses the small fishes Garra Rufa which nibble away at dead skin cells and they remove the outer skin of aging skin. Garra Rufa Obtusa is the Latin name of these fishes, originally found near Kaugal, Turkey.

During each session, the customers sink the legs, the hands or even entire body in a glass aquarium or in a small pool with warm water (28 – 30 °C). The small fishes Garra Rufa undertake to clean the skin from the dead cells and to remove the outer skin of aging skin offering a relaxing massage. This alternative technique of pedicures is very safepainless and natural, and the fishes can reach even in difficult regions. The Garra rufa has no teeth so you feel no pain. Your skin will be smooth and glowing!
If you like to care for your skin, then you know that the peeling is the key for kin rejuvenation services.

• Spa Manicure / Pedicure
The human claws are under daily long suffering and exposure to external factors and their items cause damage. For what it’s care is necessary at least once a month.

The manicured edges are necessary for a careful and clean appearance all day. Our professional manicurist provide you with special care and hygiene, any manicure – pedicure, depending on your needs, fashion or peristasi.

• Massage
Massage provides care and relief of pain and emotional congestion human.
We offer massage of legs/feet, arms and neck as well as total body massage by our qualified personnel!
Enjoy, relax and drive away the anxiety and stress at Fish Spa Fiskardo!

Contact information
Address Square Charalampos Tsepentis, Fiskardo
Tel.:   (+30) 26740 23809
Email:   [email protected]
Facebook:  Facebook Page
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