De Bosset Bridge

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The Swiss Charles-Philip De Bosset is the manufacturer of this project, which was the breath for residents of Argostoli and the villages of Kefalonia, the bridge De Bosset. The construction in 1813 of delighted residents of the island was for them a great advantage as regards their travel and avoid the ferrets a malaria outbreak and death.

Initially it was a wooden structure which after the leveling of the Metela hill was constructed out of stone. In the middle of the bridge you will find a monument dedicated to manufacturers, who have given this island such a large infrastructure project. Also, the road leading to the bridge is named after Charles-Philip De Bosset in honor of the man who gave new meaning to daily life.

Today it is necessary to restore the bridge, which has suffered damage and has not been restored because it is frequented by pedestrians and before 2005, even from vehicles.