Capital of Kefalonia is the city of Argostoli. An attractive little city with a population of around 10,000 inhabitants. Argostoli is surrounded by low green hills and is located in the middle of the bay of a natural harbor, which is one of the safest in the Mediterranean. At the edge of the bay next to Argostoli lies the lagoon of Koutavos, with lush vegetation and a forest with very tall eucalyptus trees.

When coming to Kefalonia and its capital Argostoli do not miss out visiting the historic 19th century bridge of Argostoli, the so called De Bosset Bridge. It is the largest stone bridge over the sea. In the middle a four-sided obelisk in honour of its constructors, prevails. Until this day it retains its majesty and remains a visible boundary between the sea and the lagoon of Koutavos.

In Argostoli you will find many attractions, museums, public services and banks, as well as public transportation for the entire island of Kefalonia.

The heart of the city is beating in “Lithostroto“; a wonderful pedestrian street in the heart of the city, which incorporates the major shopping pulse of the capital city. Here you will also find enough cafes, tavernas, restaurants and bars to relax or party after you daily shopping.
afterwards one can enjoy a walk in the great Rizospaston Avenue, also known as the plam road, resulting in a small park full of pine trees. Among the biggest attractions in Argostoli are the Theatre of Argostoli “O Kefalos”, the Korgialenios Library which is the third richest library in Greece and the Garden of Napier with its great variety of trees.




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