Agia Efimia



Agia Efimia is a beautiful small fishing village and a picturesque harbour that attracts every year many visitors and sailing boats.
Agia Efimia is the capital of the Municipality of Pylaros and lies right across the island of Ithaca. You will come across Agia Efimia driving from Sami to the famous Myrtos Beach.

Beautiful villages and beaches such as the Lithovati Beach await you to. The small chapel in the harbor stands impressively and adds a romantic touch to the magnificent landscape.

Continuing your way to the ravine of Pylarinos, you will see small villages such as Agia Dinati and Kalonoros.
The famous monastery of Agia Dinati “Panagia sta Themata” is worth a visit on the 15th of August during the traditional festival.




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